Wedding Packages

About to get married?
Get the latest craze... your very own wedding website!

Powercreations has once again untangled the web. Manage, streamline and encompass your friends and family in your special day with a professionally designed website ready for applying content and images with a colour scheme to match your wedding!

The process is simple, change the default colour on initial set up, in our case we have used pink, but why not use a bridesmaid dress or bouquet colour! Insert content such as latest developments, dress progression, Groom and pre nuptial events, all complimented with your own photos. 

Below is the sample of the website, just imagine this with your own name, photography and colour to co-ordinate with your special wedding you are planning as we speak!

Click on the images below to see the full wedding website

Wedding template Homepage

Internal page image

photo album image


Features: (based on your package)

  • add your own homepage photo (or use ours with the colour to suit your wedding theme)
  • input your 'save the date' (day you are getting married) all in an easy editable field
  • put you and your partners name on the top of the page
  • write 3 lines of welcome text ( or leave the default text)
  • link your facebook and twitter accounts if you have one

Our Stories Page

  • let your creative minds go wild and write as much or as little as you want about yourself and your partner. You can add photos and pictures to share with your family and friends.
Wedding Party Page
  • a page for you both to introduce your family and friends to your wedding party - not decided yet, then even better, use our TBC image to keep the surprise.

Gift Registry

  • make it easy for your guests to pick a gift you will love. You can add a link to your gift registry or add a list of unique items you would like. If its money you prefer you can give details on the 'wishing well' or you may even support a charity. Just remember, you can add/modify content at anytime, anywhere with internet access.
Directions | Accommodation page
  • help your guests have a stress free day by allowing detailed directions to your ceremony, reception, parking and accommodation. Give them tips and recommendations, even feature related website links to help your guests.

Contact us

  • there is an online form so friends and family can reach you to tell you how wonderful your site is, how much they are looking forward to coming to your wedding etc.
Photos Albums
  • Everyone loves photos. We've set up some common albums which are awaiting your prenuptial and wedding day photos. Show off your photos after the wedding!
Guest Book | Thank you's
  •  a great place for your friends and family to post messages to you. The form is sent to your specified email address where you confirm if you want it displayed for everyone to see.
  • a form designed to help you organise your guest list. Put your website address on your invite, be it a traditional posted version or an email, direct them to this page and their response will go to your nominated email address.



To get started you need to select the size of the wedding website that you want, depending on what whiz bang features you choose - a photo album, a guest book or an RSVP form?

We have split the costs per month to make it just that bit easier to fit into your budget! Once you've decided click Buy Now to and complete the 4 easy steps.

Which are;

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four



Bronze Wedding Website

Silver Wedding Website

Gold Wedding  Website

File upload Capacity
100 MB
100 MB 100 MB
Ability to upgrade to
your own domain
name (extra $65)

Content Management System Sitebox3 (CMS)

Website pages
you get
  Home page
Our Stories
Wedding Party
Gift Registry
Directions / Accommodation
Contact Us page
Home page
Our Stories
Wedding Party
Gift Registry
Directions /
Contact Us page
Home page
Our Stories
Wedding Party
Gift Registry
Directions / Accommodation
Contact Us page
Pre-designed pages - just add your own content and images
Modules Photo Album Photo Albums
Guest Book
Photo Albums
Guest Book
RSVP form  
Technical Support
(up to)
 1 Hr
1.5 Hr
 2 Hr

Website Hosting

Subscription Length
available  either 3mth, 6mth or12mths.
click here for details >

Step One

3 months ($136 x3)
6 months ($84 x6)
12 months ($50 x12)

3 months ($570 x3)
6 months ($300 x6)
12 months ($159 x12)

3 months ($790 x3)
6 months ($411 x6)
12 months ($214 x12)


Subscription length options
are 3, 6, 12 months check out your options here>

Prices per month are rounded up to the nearest $, you can pay the balance upfront or pay monthly